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Video Feature


As you know, an increasing number of professionals are sharing their best methods and tips via Video to their network and target audience. However, it’s both difficult to reach the right audience and efficiently monetize these professional Videos on the web – should this be on popular video sharing platforms or on social media.

To solve this issue, Eloquens.com has launched a new format for authors with a dedicated Video player and ‘pay-per-view’ feature. This allows professionals to generate a passive revenue stream from their skills by sharing and selling their videos to a targeted and highly engaged audience.

Here is an example with Eloquens Author SME Strategy – Management Consulting, who are sharing both free and priced videos on Eloquens.

To cover all potential use cases, Videos can be either:
– Free & public
– Free & private
– Or Priced & private

Hope you enjoy this new format, and that like SME Strategy, you can generate an extra revenue stream from your videos, by providing quality monetizable videos to your target audience.

Looking forward to seeing you on Eloquens.com

Happy Publishing!