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What are our future plans? 2022 pdf

What are our future plans?

As the leading Marketplace to share and sell professional Best Practices on the web in the fields of Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Leadership & HR and Technology, Eloquens.com’s leadership team is reinforcing its commitment to building the ultimate platform and experience for your content.

To illustrate this, we have just developed and released a high security version that provides our strongest protection against cyberattacks so far. The development will allow greater protection for your Best Practices and strengthen our servers for a smoother experience.

Following on from our newly-released high security version, as well as other vast database improvements that we have conducted over the last year, we are currently planning many additional features that will improve the usability of the website.

Below are just some of the improvements that we plan to bring to you throughout 2022:


  1. A feature will be established that will allow you to boost your initial downloads when publishing a Best Practice. 
  2. We will also be laying out an array of SEO improvements that will allow the user to benefit from automatic keywords, structure suggestions and an on-demand payment service by us. 
  3. We will release features that allow you to personalise your channel even more. 
  4. We are finding new ways for you to increase your conversion rates as well as allowing an on-demand paying demo video service for your Best Practices by the Eloquens team.
  5. We also aim to collect even more additional qualitative feedback on your work than we do currently.


And as always, our team remains fully dedicated to gather your ideas to build the leading platform to share your Best Practices.


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