We are glad to introduce to you our new mascot Eloqoon!

eloqoon eloquens new mascot

Why a new mascot?

Eloquens aspires to create a helpful environment for constant discussion and wide circulation of knowledge. Our purpose is to share ready-to-use knowledge among professionals and make it accessible to everyone. So the Eloquens team wanted to create a mascot that represents Eloquens, matching our values and goals. Eloqoon completes our visual identity with a friendly face.

After going through many versions, improvements, brainstorms, you’re finally looking at the final version! Feel free to tell us in the comments what you think of him!

Where will I find Eloqoon?

Well, Eloqoon already features on many pages of the website! Just visit www.eloquens.com and check it out!

The raccoon is also there to guide you through your journey on Eloquens and help you out with any problems. He would be happy to answer any of your questions (even the craziest!) or to hear recommendations. To chat with Eloqoon, just click on one of the pictures below to visit its profiles on Eloquens and on Facebook. Feel free to add him as a friend! (He’s really friendly… and doesn’t bite!)

eloquens eloqoon profile

eloqoon facebook profile