Most viewed May 2016

May 2016 – Most Viewed Best Practices

Each month the Eloquens team highlights the 3 Best Practices that stand out within our community of Authors. Here are the most viewed Best Practices for May 2016:

Value Creation Roadmap by Timothée Demoures

Value Creation Roadmap


Employ a value creation roadmap to show your concept/business/project/startup development. On an ascending graph, track your progress chronologically using 4 or 5 definitive milestones. This slide allows you to show the corresponding development of specific areas of your business performance/ startup growth, investments, goals or objectives that you would like to highlight.

Competitor Key Figures by WMI Consulting

Competitor Key Figures

This slide is entirely made of graphs that are used to summarize all your competitors’ key numerical data. Its layout contains very few words. This slide is a great Best Practice to reconcile otherwise disconnected figures on a single page and create a high-value performance profile of a company.

Competitor Key Figures by Actors Mapping

Actors Mapping


This slide provides a clear visual set-up. Build the matrix to suit your market segment and potential. Use brand or company logos to map your actors in this matrix. This slide is a visual representation that allows you to briefly but clearly present an overview of your market.
This slide comes with an Excel table to help construct your matrix and back-up your analysis.

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